TR reviews the Abit KA7 series mobos

It took hours of torture testing and mounds of tweaking, but I've finally completed my review of Abit's KA7 series motherboards. These boards are serious contenders for the "best Athlon platform" in the Slot A world, and they might just make a worthy upgrade option for some current Athlon owners.

As you might expect, this one is much more than your average, cookie-cutter mobo review. I made this mobo the core of my own PC for over a month. We tested the KA7's ATA-66 versus the KA7-100's ATA-100. I've included my patented recipe for KX133 stability in Windows 2000. And we've got a tale of a positively Herculean Athlon overclock. Most importantly, we're making history with this review by introducing TR's soon-to-be world famous eleven-point rating system. So don't miss out.

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