Is Dell readying a full AMD lineup?

Rumors that Dell's relationship with AMD will go deeper than the already announced four-way Opteron servers have been buzzing around for a while, and a new report by The Inquirer has thrown some fuel in the fire. The Inquirer has received word that executives from AMD and Dell got together at Michael Dell's Austin, Texas mansion and finalized an agreement to bring AMD processors into a full lineup of Dell desktops, notebooks, and workstations. The deal will go into effect sooner than expected, The Inq's sources claim, with some AMD-powered notebooks being prepped right now for a back-to-school season launch.

Switching teams right as Intel gears up to take back the performance crown would seem like an odd strategy, but Dell's rumored move is said to be driven largely by anticipated supply for Intel's upcoming chips. Supposedly, the lion's share of mobile Core 2 Duo processors will go to Apple and Lenovo, which could leave Dell with potential availability troubles right as it kicks off its back-to-school marketing push. Diversifying its lineup with some AMD notebooks could be a way for Dell to alleviate such a problem.

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