Intel begins shipping dual-core Itanium

EE Times reports that Intel has already started shipping its dual-core Itanium, code-named Montecito, to select customers. Intel moles also tell EE Times that Montecito will officially launch in July, a claim that fits in with an earlier report by The Inquirer that quoted a July 23 launch date for the chip. July 23 is also the very same date expected to mark the introduction of Intel's desktop Core 2 Duo processor as well as a plethora of simultaneous price cuts.

According to The Inquirer, dual-core Itanium 2s will be clocked between 1.4 GHz and 1.6 GHz, feature front side bus speeds between 400 MHz and 533 MHz, and have between 8 MB and 24 MB of cache. Prices are expected to range from $750 for the cheapest dual-core model to $3,700 for the flagship. EE Times says the chips will bring some much-needed competition to IBM's POWER5 and Sun's UltraSparc 4+ processors—both already dual-core—in ultra-high-end servers.

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