Napster killed Bambi's mother

As Dr. Evil mentioned yesterday, the Napster injunction caused an insane spike in Napster's traffic over the last week. Now CNET has an article up saying Napster is a culprit in the recent shortage of Flash memory. According to the article, Flash sales will more than double this year, thanks in part to the popularity of MP3 players like the Rio. The article then goes on to link Compaq's, Gateway's, and Dell's shortages of slimline CD-RW drives to the demand for custom CDs for car listening, which is thanks to decoded MP3s obtained from, you guessed it, Napster.

I'm sure by this time next week, Napster will also be responsible for kicking cute puppies, getting Britney Spears the Republican nomination for President, and for a 20% stock market devaluation. Oh well, at least the companies making Flash memory will still be rolling in the dough.

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