ATI unveils third fiscal quarter financial results

ATI's financial results for the March-May fiscal quarter have just been published, showing a dip in revenue from the previous quarter but a definite improvement over last year's results. In the third fiscal quarter ending May 31, ATI raked in revenues of $652.3 million, enjoying a $42.5 million profit and 30.1% gross margin. In the previous quarter, ATI enjoyed $672 million in revenues, and $44.8 million in profit with a 28.2% margin. Last year's third quarter yielded lower revenues of only $530 million and a $445,000 net loss.

While ATI appears to be doing much better than last year, it expects revenues of $620-660 million for the current quarter. This expectation is considerably below the $703.5 million projected by analysts, according to a Reuters Estimate report quoted by ExtremeTech. However, another analyst for Research Capital told ExtremeTech the dip is due to "conservative" estimates by ATI in the light of expected price cuts from both AMD and Intel this summer as well as the anticipated release of Windows Vista next year.

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