Poll: How many browser tabs do you have open?

With the advent of tabbed browsing and the strong uptake of browsers like Mozilla Firefox, more and more folks are splitting their daily browsing between tabs. But how much has this functionality affected your personal browsing habits? Do you have half the Internet open in your browser, or is a single page at a time enough for you? And if you're sticking with Internet Explorer 6.0 or another non-tabbed browser, how many separate windows do you have up and running? Go vote and let us know!

A couple of weeks back, we polled you on how much your processors are overclocked. Of those who voted, 40% don't overclock at all, and 6% actually underclock their processors. The other 54% all overclock, with just under half of those users (26% of the total) cranking their CPUs up between 11 and 30%. The remainder are either more aggressive overclockers, who made up one third of the overclocking population, and users who overclock by 10% or less.

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