Internet Explorer 7.0 hits Beta 3

Less than two months after Beta 2 hit the streets, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7.0 has made it to Beta 3. The new Beta brings the standalone version of Internet Explorer 7.0 up to speed with the one inside Microsoft's latest Windows Vista build, and adds the following features:
  • An optional addition of an e-mail button back on the IE toolbar
  • The ability to reorder tabs by dragging them
  • The ability to scroll horizontally while zooming
  • Automatic update of all RSS feeds simultaneously
  • Increased user control in marking RSS feeds as "read"
  • Improved compatibility with existing Web sites and applications through adjustments to IE 7 layout rendering bugs
  • Inclusion of all IE security fixes made in Microsoft's June 13 Patch Tuesday update.
Beta 3 may be the last for Internet Explorer 7.0 before the final version makes it out of Redmond; according to Microsoft Watch, Internet Explorer 7.0 will be ready by the time Microsoft releases Windows Vista to manufacturing this fall. Regardless, users anxious to get their hands on the new browser can grab it from the Internet Explorer 7.0 download page. As with Beta 2, a Windows Genuine Advantage check is required, and the software replaces previous versions of Internet Explorer. For those seeking assistance, Microsoft has a phone helpline up to support North American users of the Beta.
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