Intel to ditch 'desktop CPU on server' strategy?

New documents snagged by HKEPC suggest Intel has reconsidered its plans to put desktop processors on server platforms. According to the documents, Intel's upcoming 3000/3010 server chipsets—also known as Mukilteo 2/2p—will launch in August with support for Pentium Extreme Edition, Pentium D, Pentium 4, and Celeron desktop chips, but not the Core 2 Duo. Instead, the documents say Intel will launch a new Xeon 3000 processor series in September or late August to complement the Mukilteo 2 chipsets.

This information contrasts older roadmaps seen by HKEPC, which stated that Mukilteo 2 chipsets would bring Conroe support by the third quarter of this year. According to HKEPC, Intel is planning to slowly ditch its strategy of bringing desktop processors to the server space in the light of Woodcrest's high performance and low price. As such, this so-called Xeon 3000 series may be introduced to bridge the resulting gap in the entry-level server segment.

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