NVIDIA kicks off 80 nm trials

DigiTimes reports that NVIDIA has kicked off 80 nm process technology trials at both Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and United Microelectrics Corp. (UMC.) This report mirrors previous stories by DigiTimes that suggest ATI is also pursuing 80 nm production at both TSMC and UMC. Like ATI, NVIDIA reportedly expects to begin 80 nm production with mainstream parts. DigiTimes' sources say NVIDIA plans to launch an 80 nm graphics processor based on the same G73 core as its current GeForce 7600 graphics cards "at the end of the third quarter," and that this chip will be followed by an 80 nm version of the G72 core used in GeForce 7300-series cards.

On the red side of the arena, ATI estimates it will begin its move to 80 nm production at TSMC in September. According to DigiTimes' graphics card maker moles, ATI's first 80 nm products will be RV570, RV560, RV516, and RV505 graphics processors. The RV570 and RV560 will show up in respective sub-$300 Radeon X1900 and sub-$200 Radeon X1700 graphics cards, an older report claims, while others will be introduced in ATI's budget lineup.

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