MSI crams full-sized keyboard in 15

Full-sized keyboards are becoming commonplace on big 17" and 19" notebooks like Alienware's Area-51 m7700, but MSI has taken this trend one step further and squeezed a 103-key keyboard into its latest 15" wide-screen notebook. The Inquirer managed to get a couple of pictures of the machine, and it indeed sports a full keyboard complete with a four-column numeric keypad. MSI doesn't appear to have included a full-sized paging block as is common on HP and Lenovo notebooks, however.

Nonetheless, the notebook—dubbed M662—is scheduled to go on sale by the end of the month, The Inquirer claims. Along with the full keyboard, it will sport a 1.67 GHz Core Duo T2300 processor, an Intel 945 GM chipset with integrated GMA 950 graphics, and a built-in 1.3 Megapixel camera. The Inq doesn't reveal a launch price, but it says MSI wants to offer "quality notebooks in the $/€1000+ range," suggesting the machine will start above the $1,000 mark.

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