HDCP-enabled GeForce 7900 GT, GTX coming soon

NVIDIA is gearing up to introduce new GeForce 7900-series graphics card reference designs with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection support, according to Taiwanese graphics card manufacturers quoted by DigiTimes. Sources at the manufacturers say new GeForce 7900 GT and 7900 GTX designs with HDCP support will show up "between July and the middle of August." HDCP, a video signal encryption method, is required to play protected high-definition video from Blu-ray and HD DVD discs at its full resolution. So far, support for HDCP is implemented in GeForce 7950 GX2 graphics cards as well as a handful of other cards, including one of MSI's GeForce 7600 GTs.

By tossing GeForce 7900-series cards into the mix, NVIDIA will continue its efforts to push Blu-ray and HD DVD support on the PC. Late last month, the company introduced PureVideo HD in its newest ForceWare drivers, allowing GeForce 7-series GPUs to accelerate high-definition media playback. According to NVIDIA, PureVideo HD may prove necessary to play some demanding HD media without dropping frames, even with a high-end dual-core processor.

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