ATI's RV570 to replace R580 in Radeon X1900 GT?

Both HKEPC and The Inquirer report that ATI's upcoming RV570 graphics processor will find its way in updated Radeon X1900 GT graphics cards in the fourth quarter of this year. The current X1900 GT sports a cut-down version of the same R580 chip found in Radeon X1900 XTX graphics cards; it has 36 pixel shader processors and a 575 MHz core clock speed. Going by The Inquirer's info as well as an older report from X-bit labs, the RV570-powered X1900 GT will also feature 36 pixel shader processors, but it will run at either 600 MHz or 650 MHz, depending on the model. Meanwhile, memory speed will reportedly go down to either 800 MHz or 1.1 GHz instead of the present X1900 GT's 1.2 GHz.

If we factor in previous information from DigiTimes, the RV570 should also be one of ATI's first graphics processors built on 80 nm process technology. ATI Marketing Director Edward Chou estimated last month that the company's first 80 nm parts will become available in September. The Inquirer believes the RV570 will hit store shelves in October.

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