Microsoft sued over WGA Notification—again

Less than a week after a Los Angeles-based Windows user sued Microsoft over its Windows Genuine Advantage Notification app, a number of other parties have joined in with a class-action lawsuit. The parties include companies Engineered Process Controls and Univex, and make roughly the same allegations seen in last week's lawsuit: namely, that the WGA Notification app is spyware and that Microsoft misrepresented its functionality when rolling it out via Windows Update. The parties accuse Microsoft of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the Consumer Protection Act, and the Computer Spyware Act.

Microsoft's WGA Notification app has been the subject of increasing controversy over the past few weeks. First, users discovered that the software "phoned home" at every system bootup. Then a report surfaced that Microsoft planned to implement a "kill switch" later this year to disable copies of Windows without the WGA notifier installed. In the light of recent complaints, Microsoft updated the WGA Notification software to tone down the regularity of its calls home. However, a company spokeswoman responded ambiguously to the "kill switch" report on Monday. Thanks to reader Beetlebud for the Computerworld link.

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