Poll: How fast is your Internet connection?

Our last poll examined your browsing habits, and today we're asking you just how fast you can get all those browser tabs loaded up. With some fiber-optic networks promising download speeds in excess of 100 Mbps, how fast have your geographical location and wallet allowed you to go? Do you live in a wooden shack in the middle of nowhere with an old 28.8 Kbps modem, or do you have your own personal OC-192 connection? Let us know:
How fast is your Internet connection's download speed?
2,057 people voted in our last poll, where we asked, "How many browser tabs and/or windows are you running right now?" At the time of voting, the majority of you (40%) had between two and five tabs or windows open. The second biggest group had 6-10 tabs/windows open (24%), and the third-biggest was made up of old-school, single-window browsers who made up 14% of the total. Among the minority, a surprising 5% had over 30 tabs or windows open, compared to 4% for 16-20 and 3% for 21-30.
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