ATI partners hop on the HDCP bandwagon

Earlier this week, DigiTimes reported that NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT and GTX graphics cards with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection support were due out within the next month and a half. DigiTimes now reports the red team will also have some HDCP-enabled graphics cards ready for the summer, and it may even beat NVIDIA to the punch. GeCube and Sapphire have both started shipping Radeon X1600 HDCP-ready cards with HDMI output support over the past week, and according to DigiTimes, GeCube also has an HDCP/HDMI-enabled Radeon X1300 in the pipeline for a mid-July release at a price of $149. Joining GeCube and Sapphire's ranks will also be Tul, which industry sources say will release an HDCP-ready Radeon X1600 at the $159 price point by the end of the month. All these cards have support for ATI's Avivo technology, which enables hardware H.264 video acceleration and is a "key piece in making Blu-ray and HD-DVD a reality in the PC environment," according to ATI.
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