Deal of the week: dirt-cheap Dell laptops

We've decided to bring you some extra weekly features to keep the front page spicy, and today we're kicking this enterprise off with a look at some of the latest hot deals.

Dell, known for its frequent rebates, is currently slashing prices quite generously across some of its consumer notebooks. The 15.4" wide-screen Inspiron E1505, for instance, benefits from $200 instant rebates. The entry-level Intel Core Duo-powered model is down from $949 to just $749, and the Core Solo flavor has sunk to $699. These rebates are effective until next Wednesday.

On top of the instant rebates, Dell also has the following coupon codes running until next Thursday or after 4,000 uses, whichever comes first:

  • 30% off select Inspiron notebooks priced $999 and up—code BTV1PGRRLM1VLS
  • 30% off select Inspiron notebooks priced $1,499 and up—code 9G05XJH3$?6G0Z
  • $750 off select Inspiron notebooks priced $1,999 and up—code Q1KD?36$JJ0TW2
These codes may be used with the Inspiron E1505, provided users select upgrades that tip the rebate-free price over $999. For instance, outfitting the $749 Inspiron E1505 with 1 GB of RAM, an ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 graphics processor, and a DVD burner kicks the price up to $948 with the instant rebate and $1,148 without. Chuck in the first coupon, and it only jumps to $803.60—a cool $344.40 below the regular rebate- and coupon-free price. Thanks to GotApex for the codes.
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