TR Forum trepidations: Becoming a freelance tech

In our round of new weekly features, we're taking a look at the latest events and discussions going on in the TR forums. We already snuck a peak at FroBozz_Inc's thread about the July 8 TR BBQ yesterday, but now it's time for something different.

Forum newcomer Waycoolgal is inquiring about one of the most difficult steps for PC enthusiasts aspiring to turn their knowledge into a career: getting a job. Wishing to become a freelance PC technician, Waycoolgal put up an ad in a local newspaper advertising her services. However, this ad only yielded calls from people looking for free advice. Some forum regulars responded saying positive income was rare during the first few months after a new business' inception, and that she should be prepared to run at a loss for a while. Forum member Sargent Duck added:

Think of it this way. You're making contacts, and establishing customer relations. Those people you helped for free on the phone, when their computer (or a friends) really does need fixing, chances are good they'll remember you.
Other posters, meanwhile, suggested additional ideas like putting up fliers and getting together a team of freelance techs to divide time up and turn the occupation in a part time job.

Have you managed to make it in the freelance tech support market? Do you have any other tips to share? If so, feel free to sign up for a forum account if you haven't already done so, and enter the discussion.

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