Latest ForceWare drivers cause system crashes

NVIDIA's latest official ForceWare graphics drivers cause serious system crashes when combined with motherboards based on the new nForce 570 SLI chipset, according to a report at HardOCP. The 'OCP tested two nForce 570 SLI mobos in systems outfitted with the latest nForce 570 SLI/570/550 9.16 platform drivers and ForceWare 91.31 graphics drivers, and in both cases the machines apparently suffered from not only crashes, but also data corruption. According to a Taiwanese source quoted by the site, problems with the new ForceWare drivers also occur in systems with Intel 955X chipsets.

Neither HardOCP nor its Taiwanese source give specifics on the frequency of these problems, but both suggest NVIDIA's ForceWare 91.33 beta drivers—available from the nZone website—fix the problem.

Amusingly, this report comes on the same day as NVIDIA's boastful press release about achieving "excellent" stability results in a Veritest study. NVIDIA says Veritest found that PCs built around the NVIDIA Business Platform passed a high-stress 15-day burn-in test, while one of the competing Intel-based systems failed the same test after 24 hours. Veritest concluded that NVIDIA Business Platform systems were "as stable, if not more stable" than the competition.

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