Xbox 360 HD DVD player to use ATI decoder

An upcoming HD DVD player for the Xbox 360 console will rely on ATI's decoder technology to play back HD DVD videos, the company has announced. Naturally, this decoder technology relies on the Xbox 360's ATI-built "Xenos" graphics processor, which accelerates H.264 playback much like ATI's desktop Radeon X1000-series graphics cards. Along with acceleration, ATI says the Xenos GPU can also apply "high-end processing techniques" thanks to its unified shader architecture. These techniques include comb filtering and automatic gain control, and ATI says they help prevent color banding and video blockiness.

NVIDIA also announced an array of video processing and acceleration features for high-definition media last month under the PureVideo HD badge, but those features are intended for its GeForce 7-series graphics cards only. According to slides snapped by Beyond3D earlier this year, however, the NVIDIA-built RSX graphics processor inside Sony's PlayStation 3 is based on the same architecture as GeForce 7-series cards. NVIDIA hasn't revealed anything about how the PlayStation 3 will handle Blu-ray video playback, though.

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