Firefox approaches 16% U.S. market share

New figures from web analytics firm OneStat show a significant rise in Mozilla Firefox's popularity in the United States. The browser now holds a usage share of 15.82% in the U.S., OneStat says, a sizeable jump over January's figure of 12.55%. This gain largely occurred at the expense of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which has now sunk below the 80% mark in the U.S. with a usage share of 79.78%.

Despite its strides in the U.S., Firefox's global presence is less impressive. Firefox's worldwide usage share is 12.93%, only 1.7% higher than in January and up 4.24% from April 2005. That's not to say users outside the U.S. are snubbing the browser; Germany, for instance, has a massive 39.02% usage share for Firefox, and 24.23% of users in Australia tap the browser.

Firefox's increase in popularity comes as Microsoft attempts to promote Beta releases of Internet Explorer 7.0, which have been freely available from Microsoft's website since April and even come with free phone support for U.S. users. Thanks to TG Daily for the link.

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