Chartered-built AMD chips hit the market

Less than two years after entering a sourcing agreement with Chartered Semiconductor, AMD has begun revenue shipments of Chartered-built AMD64 processors. The first chips intended for the retail market rolled off Chartered's Singapore-based Fab 7 in June, AMD says. Like AMD's new Fab 36, Chartered's Fab 7 produces 90 nm AMD64 chips on 300 mm wafers using AMD's Automated Precision Manufacturing technology. Also like Fab 36, Chartered was able to hit all major milestones in record time and kick off production at mature yields, boasts AMD. A transition to 65 nm process technology is on Chartered's roadmap for mid-2007, not too long after AMD is expected to begin selling the first 65 nm chips from its own fab.

The added output from Chartered and Fab 36 could make AMD ripe for a rumored spot in Dell's desktop and notebook lineup—and, of course, the extra capacity will help AMD's own market share growth ambitions.

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