RV560, RV570 to sport internal CrossFire bridge?

Further information has trickled out about ATI's upcoming RV560 and RV570 graphics chips, which rumors say are due for the back-to-school season at respective $199 and $299 price points. Last week, The Inquirer got its hands on a picture of an RV570-based graphics card. The card's upper-left corner shows a pair of connectors akin to the SLI "golden fingers" reserved for multi-GPU bridges on NVIDIA cards, but The Inq said it was unaware of the connectors' purpose. Today, Hexus has word from one of ATI's card manufacturing partners that both the RV560 and the RV570 will sport "dongle-less" CrossFire via dual internal connectors that link the cards.

According to the ATI partner moles quizzed by Hexus, RV560 and RV570 will be too bandwidth-hungry for a traditional "dongle-less" CrossFire setup that passes data between the cards via PCI Express. CrossFire dongles are considered a "2nd rate solution," Hexus says, and ATI is moving to an internal connector that can pass data both ways between the cards. If this information checks out, let's hope it means the RV560 and RV570 also won't require expensive CrossFire Edition master cards like their dongle-sporting brethren.

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