Deal of the week: a third off Creative's X-Fi

We brought you some juicy deals on Dell laptops last week, and now it's time for something a little more modest but nonetheless quite tantalizing. Newegg is running a $40 instant savings on Creative's X-Fi XtremeMusic sound card, bringing its price down from $121.99 to just $81.99. That shaves a cool 33% off the price, which should make the X-Fi quite a bit more attractive to users looking to finally do away with their onboard audio or ditch an older sound card.

We reviewed the X-Fi last year and we were quite happy with the card's performance and sound quality. One may be tempted to cough up the extra dough for the X-Fi Platinum or its Fatal1ty-branded cousin, which both feature X-RAM and are poised as better performers in games by Creative. As we found out in our review of the Fatal1ty flavor, though, X-RAM has almost no impact on current games, so the XtremeMusic on sale at Newegg is a fine deal unless you really need the 5.25" I/O drive and remote.

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