AMD strikes Intel with antitrust stick in Germany

After hitting Intel with antitrust lawsuits in Japan and the United States last year, AMD has made Europe its latest battleground with a new antitrust complaint in Germany. In this new complaint, AMD alleges that Intel made anticompetitive and illegal deals with German retailers. Similarly, in Japan, AMD accused Intel of paying off Japanese PC manufacturers to keep AMD chips out of their product lines. In the U.S., Intel was accused of coercing a wide range of customers—from PC makers to distributors and retailers—into not using or restricting their use of AMD products.

The German complaint was filed with Germany's Federal Cartel Office—the Bundeskartellamt—which is now in talks with the European Commission about the case. A Bundeskartellamt representative told CNET, "We're checking with colleagues in Brussels to see whether they will take this complaint on as well." The Commission's antitrust officials have already taken an interest in Intel's business practices, so an escalation of the German case could be a possibility.

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