Judge shrinks $306.9 million Hynix-Rambus damages

Hynix was ordered to pay Rambus a massive $306.9 million in April as the result of a patent infringement lawsuit over memory technology, but a U.S. judge has now overturned the decision. Northern District of California Judge Ronald Whyte ruled that the previous award was excessive, EE Times reports, and kicked it down to $133.6 million. Rambus now has 30 days to decide whether to accept the new, lower award or move to a new trial. Although substantially lower, the new award is still within the debt bracket estimated by Rambus. The firm claimed Hynix should pay between $108.5 million to $868 million in damages during the trial.

Despite being ordered to pay less, Hynix's troubles are far from over. Rambus has also sought an injunction to bar Hynix from producing SDRAM memory products, including DDR and DDR2. As a result, Hynix could be forced to pay royalties to Rambus, although it will argue that Rambus' patents are invalid in an upcoming phase of the trial. Hynix is also the target of new mass litigation from 34 U.S. states who accuse eight memory manufacturers of partaking in a price-fixing conspiracy between 1998 and 2002.

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