Intel unveils dual-core Itanium 2 processor

After being delayed and seeing its front side bus and power management features cut down, Intel's dual-core Itanium 2 processor has finally been released into the wild. Code-named Montecito, the new Itanium 2 is launching in six denominations as follows:

Speed Cache Cores FSB Price
Itanium 2 9050 1.6GHz 24 MB 2 400/533MHz $3692
Itanium 2 9040 1.6GHz 18 MB 2 400/533MHz $1980
Itanium 2 9030 1.6GHz 8 MB 2 400/533MHz $1552
Itanium 2 9020 1.42GHz 12 MB 2 400/533MHz $910
Itanium 2 9015 1.4GHz 12 MB 2 400MHz $749
Itanium 2 9010 1.6GHz 6 MB 1 400/533MHz $696
Compared with the previous Itanium 2 flagship, the new Itanium 2 9050 sports an extra core and three times as much cache. Rated thermal design power is 104W for all dual-core Itanium 2 9000-series chips, down from a ceiling of 130W for the previous lineup. Altogether, Intel says Montecito pumps up performance per watt by 2.5 times over its predecessors (it doesn't clarify exactly how this value was computed, however.) To top it off, the new Itanium 2s also introduce hardware virtualization features like those seen in many of Intel's other recent processors.

According to Intel, Itanium 2 9000 processors are already shipping, and machines based on the new processors should show up in late August and throughout the remainder of this year.

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