Bigfoot Networks readies gaming network card

Bigfoot Networks made headlines earlier this year for receiving a $4 million investment to develop a so-called "Gaming Network Accelerator." Back then, Bigfoot had little to offer aside from a six-page paper explaining the causes of lag, but the company now says it is ready to introduce a product known as the Killer NIC on August 16. Information about the card is still scarce, but its hardware certainly seems beefy enough: the Killer NIC is powered by a 400MHz network processing unit and has 64MB of PC2100 DDR RAM. Bigfoot says the following features are on the menu:
  • UltimatePing™ Technology - maximizes the speed of your gaming PC with the Killer's Network Processor Unit delivering data to games faster than traditional NICs or LOM, thus reducing your Ping in online games.
  • MaxFPS™ Technology - offloads network processing from your computer's CPU to the Killer NIC freeing up the CPU to focus on what is important - THE GAME!!!
  • Flexible Network Architecture (FNA™) – allows everyone to freely write, download, and run applications that execute on the Killer's Network Processing Unit. FNapps are user and industry developed applications that free your computer's CPU to focus on the game.
  • PingThrottle™ Technology – allows gamers to adjust ping their Ping higher or lower depending on game play.
  • GameFirst™ Technology – network packets for your games are prioritized and delivered before all other network activity on the system.
Sadly, aside from a mention of being "one of the first applications of Corporate Network Acceleration Technology," Bigfoot dishes out more buzzwords than specifics about its product's inner workings and performance. Bigfoot's tech specs for the card reveal nothing about how packet prioritization and offloading are achieved. We also can't tell how the Killer NIC's implementation of these features differs from that of NVIDIA's nForce 590 SLI chipset, which also does packet prioritization and TCP/IP offloading. We sent an e-mail to Bigfoot last Friday to inquire about these topics, but we have yet to hear back from the company.
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