3dfx guilty too?

A very astute TR reader named Quincy Roach sent along this link in response to my recent articles about NVIDIA's possibly mixing product reviews and promotial arrangements with online publications. (And see my follow-up here.) The link Quincy sent will take you to a page at Tom's Hardware from early '99, where you can see a promotional 3dfx offered to THG (and presumably a number of other sites). The agreement offers 3dfx advertising and looks for sites to provide "integration" with the ad campaign by altering their content. This one was a bit different from directly mixing product reviews with promotions, I believe, but not different enough.

For the record, I've never received anything like this in my dealings with 3dfx and NVIDIA. Let's hope that's an indication that this sort of thing has fallen out of favor as the web has matured a bit.

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