New Radeons gather on the horizon

Rumors about ATI's upcoming graphics processor refresh have been circulating for a while, but The Inquirer claims to have gotten hold of naming, launch, and pricing information for some of the new GPUs. According to their sources, cards based on the R580+ GPU will be dubbed Radeon X1950 XTX and will launch around the €399 mark in Europe, likely translating to a $399 price in the United States. The R580+ is expected to be a pumped-up version of the R580 GPU from the Radeon X1900 series, and it may be mated with GDDR4 RAM.

On the more affordable end of the spectrum, ATI is also prepping a Radeon X1650 Pro. This card will reportedly be clocked at 500MHz with 800MHz memory—speeds similar to the current Radeon X1600 Pro—and it will hit stores at around $129. The card may feature an RV535 graphics chip, as well, which rumors have suggested will be fabbed on new 80nm process technology. According to The Inq, ATI will launch the Radeon X1650 Pro on August 23, and the red team may also pull back the curtains on the Radeon X1950 XTX on the same date.

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