Team Fortress 2, Portal trailers hit the streets

Following Valve's surprising press release about Team Fortress 2's sudden resurgence, the company has released teaser trailers for both the new game and another title called Portal. The Team Fortress 2 teaser trailer can be downloaded from GamersHell, while the Portal trailer is available at both Bjorn3D and Valve's own Steam site. Valve reveals few gameplay details in the Team Fortress 2 trailer, but one can see the same cartoony style visible in the teaser screenshot.

The Team Fortress 2 teaser may not show much, but the Portal trailer makes up for it with plenty of gameplay footage. The entire game is based around a portal system akin to the one seen in Prey, and the player is shown solving puzzles through innovative use of a portal-generating weapon similar to Half-Life 2's gravity gun. From the video, Portal looks like a strange hybrid between Prey, Half-Life 2, the movie Cube, and Bungie's old first-person shooter Marathon. Like Team Fortress 2, Portal is scheduled to ship along with Half-Life 2: Episode 2 later this year.

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