Windows development guided by new principles

As Microsoft coughs up a $357 million fine to the European Commission and faces a 20% possibility of having to delay Windows Vista once again, Microsoft Senior VP and General Counsel Brad Smith has introduced 12 new principles that will govern Windows development in the future. The tenets fit in three categories: choice for computer manufacturers and customers, opportunities for developers, and interoperability for users. They include such items as "every computer manufacturer and customer is free to install and promote any operating system, any application, and any Web service on PCs that run Windows. Ultimately, end users are free to choose which software they prefer to use" and "Microsoft will not retaliate against any computer manufacturer that supports non-Microsoft software."

Those two in particular are interesting, as just three months ago, Microsoft lashed out at PC vendors in the United Kingdom for selling "naked PCs" intended for use with Linux. A complete list of the 12 principles can be viewed here.

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