Opteron to make way into more IBM servers

In an interview with CNet three months ago, IBM server group head Bill
Zeitler hinted that IBM was regretting
the sparseness of its AMD lineup compared to that of companies like HP
and Sun. Indeed, IBM has just two Opteron-based server offerings, and
neither of them supports more than two processors. However, IBM is now
to take action
and strike a deal with AMD in order to bring Opteron
processors into more of its servers. The deal will be announced on
August 1 at a New York event that both AMD’s CEO Hector Ruiz and IBM’s
x86 server group head Susan Whitney will attend, CNet’s sources say.
August 1 is the same day some rumors
AMD will introduce its new Socket F Opterons, although CNet
says the launch will happen on August 15. Either way, the new
Opterons will bring virtualization, DDR2 memory support, and an upgrade
path to quad-core down the road.

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