Abit recalls some AN9 32X motherboards

Abit has issued a recall of some models of its new AN9 32X and Fatal1ty AN9 32X motherboards for Socket AM2. A small number of early models had their heatsinks displaced because of rough handling during shipment, and Abit says the displaced heatsinks can cause "high temperatures and possible overheating." As a result, the company is recalling motherboards with the following serial numbers:
Fatal1ty AN9 32X:
FAN93UDC000001 ~ FAN93UDC002713 ~ FAN93UDD000001 ~ FAN93UDD001648

AN9 32X:
AN932UDC000001 ~ AN932UDC001407 ~ AN932UDD000001 ~ AN932UDD001000

Models bearing the following serial numbers are unaffected by the recall:
Fatal1ty AN9 32X:
FAN93UDC002714 ~ FAN93UDC005422

AN9 32X:
AN932UDC001408 ~ AN932UDC002612

Those affected by the recall are urged to send their motherboards back to the company for evaluation and possible repairs. Abit says it will take care of shipping costs "in full."
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