Poll: Is the AMD-ATI merger a good or bad thing?

So the rumors were true; AMD has indeed decided to nab ATI. The deal promises to negate Intel's advantage of being able to supply both processors and chipsets for mobile and business PCs, and it will also result in other ventures, such as the integration of graphics processors into general-purpose microprocessors. Will this buyout prove a positive move in the longer term, though? Do you think AMD's decision is wise given the circumstances, or will it spell doom for the industry? That's the subject of our new poll, so go vote and let us know!

Our last poll also tackled graphics, or more precisely the prevalence of AGP graphics cards over their new PCI Express counterparts. Surprisingly, while PCI Express has been around for two years, only one third of you have made the jump. The majority—a whopping 64%—are still hanging on to AGP, with a remaining 2% using onboard graphics and 1% still relying on their good old PCI or ISA video card.

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