Intel, NVIDIA respond to AMD-ATI news

We've asked Intel and NVIDIA to comment on today's news of AMD's bid to purchase ATI. Our questions and their responses are below. First up, NVIDIA.
Does NVIDIA have any official statements or comments on the news about AMD buying ATI?

Today's news about the acquisition of ATI by AMD is a positive development for NVIDIA. We are now the only graphics processor and core logic company that supports both Intel and AMD processors. We will continue to execute on our strategy, which is to develop industry-changing GPU and platform technologies, extend the use of the GPU into new applications, and expand its reach into all computing devices - from PCs to servers to phones

How do you expect AMD's purchase of ATI to affect your partnerships with AMD?

AMD needs and wants the support of our leading brands - GeForce, nForce, Quadro, and SLI. We will continue to work with AMD to bring our brands to our mutual customers. On the other hand, our relationship with Intel is going to become much more intimate than before. We are now Intel's best GPU partner.

Next, Intel had only this to say:
We will study the transaction but have no comment at this time about any possible impact it might have on our agreements with ATI.
More soon, although I've gotta catch a plane to Sunnyvale.
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