First Dell store opens doors

Dell opened its first store in a Dallas, Texas mall today. The company revealed last month that it was planning a retail strategy similar to that of Apple, albeit with one major difference. Customers can't actually buy anything in the so-called Dell Direct Store, they can just see showcased products in person, talk to retail personnel for advice, and place orders.
Mike Maher, a Dell spokesman, said the 3,000-square-foot store will let consumers see how each product performs different tasks, such as playing movies, music or online gaming.

"We know there is a certain amount of people who want to talk to a salesperson and see what the product looks like and how it interacts with other products," he said.

In addition to the Dallas store, Dell plans to open a second outlet in West Nyack, New York this fall. The stores will be an extension of Dell's existing retail kiosks, which have sprouted up in 160 locations in the United States over the past few years.
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