ATI's RD600 Core 2 chipset is still coming

We heard yesterday that, despite the AMD buyout, ATI expects to continue selling chipsets for Intel systems until the fourth quarter of this year at the very least. This expectation doesn't shed much light over the fate of upcoming chipsets, but a DFI engineer has confirmed to TweakTown that ATI's upcoming RD600 chipset for the Core 2 Duo is still coming.

The engineer says a DFI board based on the chipset is currently undergoing testing and that a final version will roll off production lines in September. The RD600 chipset has some juicy overclocking potential, too: DFI engineers reportedly pushed an ATI reference board to a front-side bus speed of 430-450MHz, equaling an "effective" 1,720-1,800MHz. In contrast, the stock speed for Core 2 Duo-compatible chipsets is 266MHz, or 1,066MHz if one accounts for Intel's quad-pumped front-side bus.

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