Firefox gets a taste of malware

Firefox is getting its first tastes of malware thanks to a new Trojan Horse that masquerades as an extension for the browser. Security firm McAfee says the Trojan, which is dubbed FormSpy, relies on another Trojan known as Downloader-AXM to download and install itself.
Once downloaded, FormSpy installs itself as a Firefox extension.

The program appears as "NumberedLinks 0.9" extension, McAfee said. The extension normally would allow a user to navigate links by numbers using the keyboard rather than a mouse.

Then, FormSpy can transmit information in a Web browser to another Web site, which could include credit card numbers, passwords, and electronic banking pin numbers, according to McAfee.

McAfee's FormSpy security advisory doesn't reveal which versions of Firefox are vulnerable, but it ranks the Trojan as a "low" risk and says it can be removed with the latest engine and definitions for the company's anti-virus software.
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