IE 7.0 to roll out as 'high priority' update

Internet Explorer 6.0 currently dominates the browser market, but its position may change rather quickly once IE 7.0 comes out. According to eWeek, Microsoft plans to roll out IE 7.0 as a "high priority" update via Windows XP's Automatic Updates utility when the final release comes out in the fourth quarter. Users will be offered the upgrade by default, although unlike most other high priority updates, Microsoft says users will actually be prompted and notified before the new browser is installed.

On the enterprise side of things, Microsoft also plans to implement a way for corporate admins to block the distribution of IE 7.0. Corporations will be able to hold off on the upgrade as long as they like and make the transition on their own time.

While an analyst quoted by eWeek criticizes Microsoft for deciding to roll out yet another application of dubious necessity over Automatic Updates, Microsoft's decision may prove sensible considering IE 6.0's poor security track record. Furthermore, a quicker move to IE 7.0 could allow new web technologies unsupported by IE 6.0, such as Cascading Style Sheets 2.0, to finally see widespread adoption.

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