Desktop, mobile Core 2 Duo officially unleashed

Intel has officially unveiled its Core 2 Duo processor lineup in both desktop and mobile forms. The launch lineup is split right down the middle, with five desktop Core 2 chips and five mobile ones. We've already taken a look at the desktop Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors in our Core 2 review, but here are the five mobile contenders:

Speed Cache FSB Voltage
Core 2 Duo T7600 2.33GHz 4MB 667MHz 1.0375-1.3V
Core 2 Duo T7400 2.16GHz 4MB 667MHz 1.0375-1.3V
Core 2 Duo T7200 2.00GHz 4MB 667MHz 1.0375-1.3V
Core 2 Duo T5600 1.83GHz 2MB 667MHz 1.0375-1.3V
Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66 GHz 2MB 667MHz 1.0375-1.3V
The mobile Core 2 Duos bear the same clock and front-side bus speeds as their Core Duo predecessors. However, the new Core 2 Duo T7600, T7400, and T7200 models all have twice as much cache, and the Core 2 line in general offers clock-for-clock speed improvements and 64-bit support over the Core Duo.

Intel doesn't quote any prices for the mobile Core 2 Duos, but the company says notebooks based on the chips will hit stores at the end of August. On the desktop front, the flagship $999 Core 2 Extreme X6800 is available today from both retailers and system integrators. Intel has told us the rest of the desktop Core 2 processors with 4MB cache will follow on August 7, and the 2MB-cache versions aren't slated to arrive until the fourth quarter.

Speaking of system integrators, several companies are already offering desktop machines based on the new processors. Such machines include Dell's XPS 700, XPS 410, and Dimension 9200 as well as Alienware's Area-51 ALX and Area-51 7500.

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