Centrino notebooks to gain SLI support

With a handful of exceptions, NVIDIA's SLI multi-GPU technology has thus far been exclusive to NVIDIA chipsets. This situation may change in the near future, though. HKEPC says it has heard directly from Intel's Regional Sales Manager of South China, Vincent Lee, that NVIDIA authorized SLI support in Intel's 945GM/PM mobile chipsets for Centrino Duo notebooks. While not tailored for multi-GPU support, these chipsets can reportedly have their PCI Express lanes organized in a x16/x4 configuration. SLI compatibility with 945GM/PM core logic is already built into NVIDIA's latest ForceWare 91.31 drivers, HKEPC says, although final products are not yet ready. For now, mobile users seeking an SLI fix will have to contend with notebooks based on AMD's mobile processors and nForce4 SLI core logic.

As far as SLI support on Intel's desktop chipsets goes, Vincent is reported to have said Intel is looking for "more chance to cooperate." Nothing has been confirmed yet, however.

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