AMD's desktop, server market share grew in Q2

Amidst slowing PC sales and lower Intel prices, AMD nevertheless managed to grow its market share during the second quarter. According to numbers from Mercury Research, AMD's unit share of the desktop processor market climbed to a cool 22% during the second quarter, while revenue share hit 18%. The 22% figure isn't a huge jump from the fourth quarter of 2005, when AMD nabbed 21.4% of shipments, but AMD did make some impressive gains in the server space. Opteron DP processors grew 45% during the second quarter, helping AMD seize 33% of the server market revenue. (The International Business Times doesn't quote Mercury Research's unit share numbers for the server space, so we can't tell what AMD's piece of the server shipment pie looks like compared to the previous quarter's 22.1%.)

AMD still didn't do too well in the mobile segment. The company's unit share of notebook chips actually declined from 13.6% to 13.3% during the second quarter, whereas Intel's grew 0.4% to 86.7%.

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