GeForce 7600 GT with HDMI output spotted

MSI was one of the first NVIDIA board partners to release a graphics card with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection support, the NX7600GT-VT2D256E HD. HDMI support is next on MSI's agenda, and Japanese site Akiba PC Hotline! has spotted an HDMI-equipped MSI GeForce 7600 GT in the wild (translate here). Where HDCP support is a prerequisite to play back copy-protected Blu-ray or HD-DVD media at its full resolution, HDMI is a digital interface that offers a number of advantages over DVI, including smaller connectors, longer cables, and simultaneous HD video and digital audio signals. The MSI NX7600GT Diamond Plus uses an internal S/PDIF pass-through connector to grab the audio signal from a sound card or onboard audio, and it has both DVI and S-Video outputs in addition to HDMI. Akiba says the card is on sale for ¥29,780 in Japan, or just shy of $260.
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