Catalyst 6.7 drivers released

ATI's latest Catalyst 6.7 drivers are now available for download. While ATI doesn't claim any performance improvements for these new Catalysts, the company says the drivers enhance CrossFire dual-GPU support:
The enhanced support allows for CrossFire™ Alternate Frame Rendering mode for Direct3D applications to be forced on by setting the Catalyst® AI slider to the Advanced position. Users are encouraged to enable this setting if they are not seeing significant performance gains in applications when Crossfire is enabled. This enhancement is available for all Direct3D applications except for Direct3D applications known not to work with Alternate Frame Rendering.
The Catalyst 6.7 release also fixes some bugs, including texture corruption in Quake 4 and loss of response after task switching when running The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion at 1600x1200 on a CrossFire setup. A complete list of fixes and known problems is available in ATI's release notes for the drivers. As with the previous Catalyst 6.6 release, only graphics cards from the Radeon 9500 up are supported.
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