Deal of the week: AMD price cut extravaganza

AMD announced a flurry of price cuts on Monday, but many stores have taken their time to slash prices on their end. After four days, the cuts have propagated sufficiently for some retailers to actually go below AMD's listed pricing. Thanks to our price search engine, we can see which chips have sunk the furthest: The Athlon 64 X2 5000+ appears to be the one least affected by the cuts, perhaps because of its limited availability. Nonetheless, the Athlon 64 X2 3800+, 4200+, and 4600+ can all be grabbed at very interesting prices for both AM2 and 939 sockets. Users of single-core Socket 939 systems should especially enjoy these cuts, as Athlon 64 X2s are essentially a drop-in upgrade for many Socket 939 motherboards.

For those not inclined to upgrade their processors just yet, we've also found some juicy deals on Dell monitors. Dell has slashed the 24" 1900x1200 UltraSharp 2407WFP from $879 to $703.20, and the 19" 1280x1024 UltraSharp 1907FP and E196FP are also down 20% and 15%, respectively, to $247.20 and $203.15.

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