AMD, Telmex help bring cheap computers to Mexico

After Intel's bid to provide Mexicans with low-cost PCs as part of its "Discover the PC" initiative, AMD has kicked off a separate effort to bridge the digital divide in Mexico. Like Intel, AMD has teamed up with Telmex, the largest telecom company in Mexico. AMD and Telmex have produced the Telmex Internet Box Personal Internet Communicator, a kit that contains an AMD Personal Internet Communicator (PIC), monitor, mouse and keyboard, plus software for Internet and desktop use, including word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, instant messaging, and media playback.

The Telmex Internet Box PIC is available today in Telmex stores throughout Mexico. According to EE Times, Mexico is joining countries like Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, and Turkey, in which AMD's PIC is already used by schools, businesses, and consumers alike.

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