Rumors of AMD-powered Dell notebooks intensify

Less than a week after Dell CEO Kevin Rollins revealed in an interview that the Dell-AMD partnership is set to expand, moles at Taiwanese notebook manufacturers have leaked some details about a purported line of AMD-based desktops and notebooks from Dell. According to the moles, Dell will begin its AMD expansion on the desktop next month, and notebooks with 15.4" displays and AMD processors will follow in late October or early November. Dell will also launch some AMD-based notebooks with 17" displays at the end of the year. The notebooks will use AMD's full lineup of mobile chips, from the Athlon 64 and Sempron to the Turion 64 X2, the moles claim.

This story complements an extensive series of rumors about Dell's adoption of AMD processors. In mid-June, The Inquirer reported that Dell was planning to offer more AMD-powered machines than expected, and one day later eWeek hopped on the bandwagon with a report that Dell was readying AMD-based desktops for a launch in September. In late June, these desktops became a "full range of desktops, notebooks, workstations" in another story by The Inq, and DigiTimes finally caught wind last week that Taiwanese notebook ODMs Quanta and Mitac had received orders for AMD notebooks. Combined with a promise of AMD expansion from Dell's CEO himself, these reports are becoming increasingly plausible.

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