More Wii specifications leak out

Nintendo has thus far revealed little about the Wii's specifications, but unofficial information has trickled out that paints a pretty complete picture of the upcoming console's innards. A synopsis of leaks put together by The Inquirer suggests the Wii's "Broadway" CPU will feature a superscalar architecture with six execution units, a 729MHz clock speed, a 64-bit wide 243MHz memory bus, and 256KB of integrated cache. The "Hollywood" GPU will also run at 243MHz with 3MB of embedded memory and 24MB of internal main memory clocked at 486MHz. Bandwidth between the GPU and memory will top out at 3.9GB/s, and the GPU will be 1.5 times faster than its predecessor found in the GameCube. Finally, the Wii will have 64MB of GDDR3 external main memory and 512MB of flash memory for storage.

Much of this information is still unconfirmed by Nintendo, but it corroborates a previous report from IGN that listed similar specifications. If genuine, these specs may disappoint some, but they fit well with Nintendo's claim that the Wii isn't a next-generation console.

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