New, 'more intimate' E3 to be invitation-only

The Entertainment Software Association announced yesterday that E3 would be reshaped into a "more intimate" event, and already details are beginning to appear about what will become of the trade show. ESA president Doug Lowenstein has disclosed that the event will now be invitation-only. The invite list will be generated by developers, Lowenstein said, but precise plans are foggy at the moment. As 1UP states, this change could be bad news for the independent press:
What does this mean for gameblogs like Kotaku and Joystiq? If publishers and platform manufacturers don't like the site's messages will they be excluded? The slope here is as slippery as its ever been.
Likely as a result of the invitation-only situation, attendance will be cut from 60,000-70,000 to around 5,000, according to Lowenstein. Also, E3 will be renamed to "E3 Media Festival" and take place in July instead of May.
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