TR Forum Tidings: AMD's future and PCI-E x1

In our forum introspection this week, we're looking at discussions about AMD's future and the purpose of PCI Express x1 slots on motherboards. Forum newcomer vaxxine is wondering about AMD's fate now that Intel's Core 2 chips are beginning to roll out. AMD did slash prices as a preemptive strike against Intel, but may not have a response to the Core 2 until the so-called "K8L" rolls out in mid-2007. Considering the ATI acquisition, which is due to be finalized by the fourth quarter of the year, will AMD face hardships over the coming year or two? Some believe AMD's OEM success and its prior ability to survive amidst heated competition will allow it to pull through relatively unscathed, and others even think Intel should be the one to worry about.

Meanwhile, over in our General Hardware forum, regular NeRve is inquiring about the current use of PCI Express x1 slots. With enthusiast-oriented products like Creative's X-Fi sound card and Ageia's PhysX physics accelerator still relying on 32-bit PCI, PCI-E x1 may appear to some like the hardware equivalent of airline peanuts. Our forum members have noticed Gigabit Ethernet cards, RAID controllers, and TV tuners for the interface; have you spotted a killer PCI-E x1 product, or do you think modern motherboards would be better served with extra PCI or physical PCI-E x16 slots? Whether you have thoughts to share about PCI-E x1 or AMD's future, feel free to sign up for a forums account and join the fun.

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